Used Lacrosse Equipment Buying Guide – Never Pay the Full Price!

If Buying a good brand new lacrosse gear is a big task, then buying used lacrosse gear is the biggest task ever.

But if you carefully note a few basic things on the gear you going to buy, then it is going to come with you for a long time at a low cost.

At the end of this guide, you’ll be knowing each and every hook of buying any kind of used lacrosse gear.

Lacrosse is played in four different ways like Box LacrosseField Lacrosse, Women Lacrosse, Intercrosse.

Though each game has its unique rules and playing methods, the field equipment that is used is mostly the same just with some size variations.

What Are the Major Used Gears Bought?

The major used gears that are purchased widely are Sticks, Shafts, Rebounders, Helmet, Arm Pad, Chest Pad, Shoulder Pad, Visor and Gloves in some rare occasions.

Used Lacrosse Goalie Equipment are the most bought second ends.

Most used things like Helmet, Gloves, Kidney Pad are rarely purchased since they are things that were used in touch with the body where the old player’s sweat will be sedimented, so using it again might cause allergies.

But gears like Sticks, ShaftsRebounders don’t have any kind of issues like that so just you need to look at the condition of those products before buying it again.

Things to look before Buying

Before buying any kind of lacrosse goods you have to look out for certain things in every kind of lacrosse goods to make sure that you can use it again.

Used Lacrosse Rebounders

As we all know rebounder is highly used by players to train and improve their game and also it can be used to practice in various angles.

Actually, rebounders are a kind of costly thing if you are having a low budget, but with the same budget, you can buy used rebounders from big brands like STXEZ Goal at an affordable price.

What to check

  •  First, before buying the used rebounder check you are getting complete parts of the rebounder.
  •  Check if the bounce is good enough for you to practice.
  •  And look for any tears in the mat.
  •  Check if the rebounder can be adjusted to various angles.
  •  It’s not a big issue if the colour of the metal is faded since what you need most is good rebounding surface.

Used Lacrosse Sticks & Heads

Sticks are the only thing that can be directly contacted with the lacrosse goal in the game. So buying it should be carefully done otherwise it will result in degrading your performance.

Used Lacrosse Goalie Sticks, Many people buy it.

What to Check

  •  Buy a lacrosse stick with more durability, more durable the shaft is lesser its weight is.
  •  High durability can be obtained if the shaft is made of Scandium or Carbon Fiber Alloy.
  •  Next check if the shaft is having any grip, even if not you can buy your own grip.
  •  In the selection of head, it is highly based on your preference, because selecting a head based on your position, the gameplay is a better option.
  •  So select a Flexible head with sidewalls, Pocket, Scoop based on your preference.

Used Lacrosse Safety Pads

In the list of Safety Pads Elbow Pads, Arm Guards, Chest Pad, Shoulder Pad Fall under this list.

Since Lacrosse is a rash game every player should go under protection in order to avoid injuries.

So by using the above gears, you can easily avoid injuries in the match.

The factors you should look for while selecting the safety gears are

  •  Check if the pad is strong enough to withstand any impact in future games.
  •  Look out the weight of the pads, lightweight pads provide you with better comfort with more safety.
  •  Also, check if the pads are perfectly fitting for you.

Used Lacrosse Gloves

Gloves need to be checked properly and it’s better to wash once to prevent any skin diseases.

Used Lacrosse Balls

You can buy the Lacrosse Balls, But Make sure you check the quality of it and standards, We suggest you to buy new case of balls, Checkout 120 Cheap Lacrosse Balls.

Used Lacrosse Helmets

Check the fittings of the helmet, Clean it once properly and use, We guide our students to buy the branded ones such as STX, Brine helmets which are strong and lasts for a long time.

Used Lacrosse Equipments for Sale! – Best place to buy 

If there is one thing that’s more challenging than selecting your used lacrosse gear is finding the best place to buy those used lacrosse gears.

Nowadays with better technology, you can easily get your used lacrosse gears in online itself.

Here they are doing a better job in providing quality used Lacrosse gears to their customers at much affordable price.


 Whether you are buying a new Lacrosse Gear or Used Lacrosse Gear, just look and see whether this product will come along with you for a long time.

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