Cases of 120 Lacrosse Balls – Guide to Choose the Cheap & Best !

Everything in this world has unique specialities and at a certain time, it is going to need for some reasons.

Likewise in the sport of Lacrosse which is old enough as 1000 years which is said to believe there are lots of gears being used by the players.

Even though there may be 100’s of variety of Lacrosse Gears, yet the most need Lacrosse Gear of all is Lacrosse Balls certainly for sure.

Lacrosse Balls are the one that decides the match, you can even play without pads, guard, shoes even if they were broken or torn, but guess without the balls, you can only do one thing, simply pack your bags and go home.

That’s why the balls are so much important in this game. Me and my Coach Justin, Used to buy 120 Lacrosse Balls Bucket, And it used to last for many years, As often balls get lost.

Know about the Lacrosse Balls Before Buying

Lacrosse which is widely produced in a variety of colours is mostly made up of Rubber, guess what about 65% of the ball is made of rubber.

Mostly the Lacrosse balls are similar one of the tennis ball and size 3.5 inches in diameter.

Usually, there are two types of Lacrosse Balls

  •  Hard Lacrosse Balls.
  •  Soft lacrosse Balls.

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Hard Lacrosse Balls

Hard Lacrosse Balls are usually used in matches which is costlier than the softballs.

Soft Lacrosse Balls

Soft Lacrosse Balls are especially the one for kids and beginners who are new to the game and want to improve their skills.

Soft Lacrosse Balls are usually half the weight of Normal Balls making it an ideal one for practising.

Regulations of Lacrosse Balls

If you are playing some kind of high-level matches then you should be having legal balls.

The NOCSAE standard of lacrosse Balls should be

Measuring – 7 ¾ – 8 inches in circumference.

And weighing – 5 – 5 1/4 ounces.

How to buy good Lacrosse Balls?

If you are buying a Lacrosse ball there are not so many things to look for like the way you buy sticks and rebounders.

Just make sure the ball is legal for the league you are playing.

So the next thing you need to decide is how much balls you need and your budget.

Usually, Lacrosse balls are available in all kind of varieties from single lacrosse ball, pack of 6 lacrosse ball, dozen of Lacrosse balls and even in bulk of 120 Lacrosse Balls.

As like the pyramid formula the more you buy lesser the amount you Pay.

For example, if you buy a single Lacrosse ball it will cost around 5$ and if you buy 12 Lacrosse Balls it will cost around  30$, at the same time if you buy a pack 120 Lacrosse balls it will just cost you around 170$ which means around 1.5$ per ball.

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Where to buy?

The famous manufacturers of Lacrosse balls are mostly STX, Brine, Velocity, Champion.

If you are buying single or a pack of 6 balls kind of like that then Champion and Brine would be the ideal option for you.

In the case of buying a bulk of 120 balls then the best option would be Brine, Crank Shooter, Velocity,

These are the best selling Bulk Lacrosse Balls on Amazon.

Velocity Lacrosse Balls (Case 120)

This one is the top selling brand for buying Lacrosse Balls in Bulk and at a better price, also has some cool features like

  •  With this high-performance balls, you expect accuracy and great handling during the play.
  •  Every ball is NHFS and NCAA approved and produced in accordance with NOCSAE specifications.
  •  Made up of 100% solid Premium Rubber to make it a durable one.
  •  Also can be used for massage therapy too makes it a multipurpose thing.
  •  And also available in a wide variety of colours too.
  •  Pricing is around 160$, Checkit out on amazon.

Crank Shooter 10 Dozen Lacrosse Balls

  •  All the balls in the Box are Made up of Real Vulcanized Rubber instead of synthetic rubber to provide a better grip during the shooting
  •  In order to provide Longer lifetime, they have formulated the ball at the production level itself.
  •  Since all these balls of this case are approved by authority level governing bodies, so no need of worrying about the legal features of your ball.
  •  Though these balls don’t provide massaging features like velocity balls, it perfectly provides the functions of what it is made for.
  •  Pricing of this product is around 160 $, So you can get 120 lacrosse balls cheap with this option.


It’s not a bad choice to buy single Lacrosse balls if the price is not the factor, even if the bulk Lacrosse balls may seem like a cheap one compared to single piece yet it has the same quality like other balls.

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