STX Xcalibur Lacrosse Head Review – As Strong as the Moutains!

Most of the people think that the attackers are the real heroes of the game because they score the goals, but the unknown truth is that Defensemen are the real unsung heroes of the game.

Yes, they can’t score a goal like attackers but they are the one taking their team to the victory by not allowing the opponents to score a goal at any cost.

The best defender can be made only by using quality lacrosse gear, likewise, for a defender, the most basic need is his Lacrosse head which is his key tool for the defence because the head is the one which makes checks with opponent sticks and prevents the ball from crossing the line.

So selecting a good Lacrosse head is an important thing, that’s why we have reviewed STX Xcalibur Lacrosse Head which is one of the most reliable lacrosse head for defensemen for a long time.

Also speaking about STX you guys itself know how popular they were if you were playing Lacrosse. STX had been serving in this field for more than 20 years in making quality lacrosse goods.

Plus if the products were damaged they provide good customer support and a lifetime warranty on their products.

STX Xcalibur Lacrosse head Review 2019

So if you are a newbie to the game and don’t want to make much investment on sticks, but still wants a good reliable stick then the only best option for you is STX Xcalibur Lacrosse head

This slightly pinched scalloped scoop designed head has some cool features to look out like

Great Ball Control

Players who were looking out for great ball control with their new head definitely can add this head into their bucket list.

Since the Head is being slightly pinched which provides good ball control.

Wider Head

The Wider Head of this Xcalibur makes it a great pick for the one who was looking to training their catching Abilities at a better price.

Better Durability and Stiffness

If you want your head to withstand any kind of impact and come it with you for a long time then it should have good durability.

That’s why STX have used Trestle Sidewall to stand up to tough checks and make its life longer.

Most of the users have said that they have used this head for a long time without any damages.

Excellent Scoop

If you want your head to be great in scoop then you should try Xcalibur at least once because the increased stiffness in this head makes it a great one for Scoop.

Unbelievable Price

This is the major reason why you should buy this head because at a price range of just 60$ you are getting an amazing stick that too from the brand of STX.


  • Better Durability and Stiffness.
  • Less affordable price.


  • Not a suitable one for experts and pros.
  • Less life Span.

Final Verdict

So finally it’s your decision to decide if you want this head or not, with such a good price definitely it’s a buying option. Even you are a pro player since the price is so low, you could buy it as a substitute Head.

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