Box Lacrosse – Everything You Need to Know About it!

So Lacrosse is a game that had been introduced long way back ahead and still been playing now.

If you take out the game of lacrosse, you can’t skip out the name of Box Lacrosse from it, because this game mode is definitely a Better version of Lacrosse.

You can see lots of players are getting successful when they started to play Box Lacrosse.

Though initially it was played only in the North America regions, now the game is being widely played around the world.

Actually, Box Lacrosse is very similar to Ice Hockey, even it was played in the Ice Hockey rink once the Ice has been removed.

Box Lacrosse Basics – How the game is Played!!

So Actually when this game was first introduced there were like nearly 7 members per team including 6 runners and 1 goalie.

But now it was reduced to 5 runners and 1 goalie.

Also, the runners have certain roles to do and they are classified as

  •  Defenders
  •  Transition
  •  Forward


These are the one who really has a lot of jobs to do and play a major part in the team winning.

Their goal is to prevent opposing players from scoring the goal, in box lacrosse players can do Cross-checking, Body Checking, Stick Checking.


Usually called as midfielders whose main role is to offend and create more gaoling opportunities for the forward players.


These were the attacking forward men of the team whose main role is to score the goal for the by defeating opponents defenders.

And usually, the game is played on an Ice hockey Rink during the summer when the ice has melted off.

In traditional games, the game was played in three periods 20 minutes each, but now the game was played as 4 quarters 15 mins each.

During the start of each quarter and when a goal is scored then the game will again be started out with Faceoff.

Box Lacrosse Penalties

Whenever a player violates the game rules then he or she will be awarded a penalty.

Once a penalty is given to a player then the team has to play without that player for a short amount of time usually 2 minutes unless it is a major penalty.

Usually, 2 minutes penalty is given our minor incidents like Slashing, Tripping, Elbowing and too many players on the field.

While 5 minutes penalty is given for major incidents like attacking out the opponent player intentionally.

Watch the Below Video to know A – Z about Box Lacrosse

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Box Lacrosse Field Dimensions!

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  •  The dimensions of the field in the national level is usually 4 feet 9 inches (1.45 m) wide by 4 feet (1.2 m) tall.
  •  The goal size of the Box lacrosse is usually 9 feet (2.7 m) to 9 feet 3 inches (2.82 m) in size.
  •  And also the Defenders should use the stick up to the size of up to a maximum of 46 inches roughly 1.2 m.
  •  Since the Box Lacrosse is usually played out Rough and tough, you have to definitely use protective gear while playing.

Since Box Lacrosse is very competitive and Small area, It has more protective gearing than the Field Lacrosse.

Gears and Protective Equipment

The protective Gears to be used in the Lacrosse is usually

  •  Helmet
  •  Rib Guard
  •  Arm Guard
  •  Shoulder Pad
  •  Elbow Guard
  •  Kidney Pads
  •  Chest Guard ( for Goalies )

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History of the Game

Speaking about the history of the Box Lacrosse, it was started playing during the year 1920 itself. Before that Field Lacrosse was the major Game to be widely played.

But the professional mode of game was started out in the year 1930s. Initially, it was played out only in Canada, later it started to spread out to northern and southern regions too.

After the formation of the National Lacrosse Association, Box Lacrosse started to get more wider reach than before.

National Lacrosse Association has a major part in the development of Box Lacrosse.


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