Complete Guide to the Best Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shafts!

The game of lacrosse which is believed to start playing in the 16th century has seen a massive revolution both in the methods of the game and the materials of the game.

The technology has played a major role in the development of this sport, especially with the equipment that we are using to play the game of lacrosse.

In olden days the game of lacrosse is played using the heavy weighted lacrosse sticks and heads made of iron and cotton mesh.

If someone now asks us to play with that kind of Lacrosse sticks we will certainly laugh at them because of the advanced and specialized lacrosse sticks that we are using now.

Nowadays lacrosse sticks being made so lightweight to improve the accuracy and throw of the players.

The preferences of sticks may change according to the player’s position because Attacking and midfield players want Light weighted sticks while defenders want heavy sticks in order to check the opponents strike.

Materials used for lacrosse Shafts

Nowadays most of the Lacrosse Shafts that are being made up of either Carbon Fiber or Metal to make the stick feel like a lightweight in the hands of the player.

Usually, these metal shafts come in 4 different configurations

  •  Alloy
  •  Titanium
  •  Scandium
  •  Krypto Alloy

These metals are usually mixed to provide better lightweight performance and to achieve different strength to weight ratio.

The best metals to choose among these four variations is definitely the mixture of Titanium and Scandium, though it is on the costlier side, yet it provides the best product for the price you pay.

Why Carbon Fiber Sticks?

Our best pick for anyone who wants ultra-light shaft is Carbon Fiber Composite.

Because as you shoot with ball carbon fibre it provides you with the ability to “Reload Energy”.

If you want your shots to over-power the opponent goalie towards the goal then Carbon Fiber Sticks will be the perfect choice for it.

These sticks is especially recommended for Attacking players and midfielders who want some extra power on their shots.

Advantages of using Carbon Fiber Sticks – Are Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shafts Good?

Carbon Fiber Sticks have a natural fine grainy texture which makes out the tape weight to be completely eliminated so that you would get a good grip even on wet weather or when your hands are sweaty. Yes, The Carbon Fiber lacrosse shafts are very good for professional players.

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Best Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shafts – Which Carbon Fiber lacrosse Sticks to choose?

After making our Michigan university students play with these sticks and testing the sticks ourselves we have chosen two best carbon fibre lacrosse that will provide you with the better value for money you pay.

The two variants we have chosen is

  •  East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Shafts
  •  Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Eight 30″ Attack Lacrosse Shafts.

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Shafts

Made with Flex 5 technology this one is a good choice to go for if you want a cheaper and light weighted shaft made of Carbon Fiber.

The Flex 5 technology makes the stick to flex during shooting and passing to increase the speed of your shoot.

And the grip of the stick is made out of Sandpaper grip so that you will feel your grip in all kind of weather conditions.

At a price range of 100$ this 30 inch Lacrosse shaft come in all sizes at different colours suitable to the attacker, defenders, midfielders and even goalies.

ECD Lacrosse provides a 6-month manufacturer warranty, this is definitely a nice one to look out for. This is a good carbon fiber lacrosse shaft for defence.


  • Excellent Gripping.
  • Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Suitable for all heads
  • Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shaft for Defence


  • Not a suitable one for professionals.

Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Eight 30″ Attack Lacrosse Shaft

This one actually is one of the top-selling Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Stick on Amazon that’s why it has been narrowed down to our List.

Surface Veil technology makes it an exclusive pick for attackers since it is engineered to increase the overall toughness of the stick.

As an attacker you would like to have a stick that provides more flex, this dragonfly shaft is made out with 12k weaving technology so that during passing or shooting it pushes out the energy you produce towards the head of the stick.

With the usage of Carbon fibre at right proportion, this shaft bends out when you need, but retains to firmness to provide maximum control.

With these top quality specification,  this is definitely a dream shaft for any Attacking players who were looking out for a new stick. Epoch Lacrosse is very good choice for them.


  • More flux which makes perfect for Attackers.
  • 12k weaving technology.
  • A good one for entry-level players.
  • Carbon Fiber Lacrosse Shaft for Offence


  • A good one for professionals but not the best one.

Final Verdict

It is really a good choice to choose your future shaft to be made out of carbon fibre composite but picking out the best is really a confusing one.

If your playing position is attacking then without thinking to go for Dragonfly Eight 30” which is specially made for the attackers.

First one is also not a bad choice to look out for since it also has some wide features.

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