Cascade Lacrosse Helmet Visors (Protect Your Eyes from UV Rays Now!)

Nowadays climate change has been one of the biggest global problems, due to the temperature of the sun has been rising.

We can’t imagine going out on a sunny day without our sunglasses, likewise, Lacrosse players can’t imagine a day game without Lacrosse Visors.

Why do You need Lacrosse Visor?

Every Lacrosse Player knows out the importance of using lacrosse Visor During their game. It is the only gear that protects your eyes from getting damaged.

Even if your hand or legs be broken it can be healed over time but eyes it is one of the finest creation of god, it can’t be never replaced or cured once gone.

So it’s not bad too invest some good money in saving your eyes from risky shots.

That’s not the only thing visors going to provide for the money you are spending, it also has features like UV protection, dust prevention, so you don’t need to worry about playing in any kind of climatic conditions.

Which Lacrosse Visor is allowed in leagues?

This is the most important part in selecting your lacrosse Visor, you might spend lots of bucks and find a perfect made quality visor, but all will go in vain if you have not found a visor that is allowed in your league.

The first and most important rule about Lacrosse Visor is that your Visor should not be a tinted one.

Tinted Visor is the most comfortable visor that can be used in the game, It may vary with leagues, Do check out your league before buying.

So any other visor other than the Tinted Visor is absolutely fine.

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Visor Choices for Cascade helmet

Cascade Helmet is one of the most selling and reliable helmets available on the Amazon. So in order to make the task of choosing visor for Cascade Helmets simple, we have reviewed the best choices for you, This also suits for Cascade S helmets too.

Based on the customer reviews and perfect fit we have selected two visors which will be the perfect one for the Cascade helmet

  • Elite Tek Color Lacrosse Eye Shield Face Mask Visor
  • SHOC Lacrosse Helmet Visor 2.0

Elite Tek Color Lacrosse Eye Shield Face Mask Visor

This is one of the best Cascade Lacrosse Helmet Eye Shield in the market.

This visor is available in different colours such as Black Gold Smoked, Clear Blue Sapphire Coloured, Dark Green Smoked, Dark Purple smoked.

Only the Visor is for Sale in the Above Image, Not the Whole Helmet!

Universal Fit

This Lacrosse Visor is mostly fit for all kind of Cascade lacrosse Helmets like Adult R, CPX-R, CPV-R and S.

With Two Clip System it so easy to Adjust and attach to the helmets.

Clear Visibility

The visors are made with Anti Fog, Scratch, Impact Resistant to provide you clear vision at all times.

Plus Multi-Angle Color Reflection offers a WIDE RANGE SPECTRUM OF DIFFERENT COLORS in Different Lighting.


Coming in more than 10 varieties of colours with pricing starting from 29$ – 49$.

100% Money Back Guarantee

This visor comes with a 100% money back guarantee you can claim back, If you don’t like it, Similar to Rukket Lacrosse Rebounders!

SHOC Lacrosse Helmet Visors 2.0

Though priced a little higher than Elite this is also a good option to look out for since it has

Reflective 15 Color Variant

So this visor is being available in 15 colours with colours being change with the light source.

Anti-Scratch Polycarbonate Material

Being made with Shatterproof Polycarbonate Material, it also has Anti-Scratch Resistance to make it as the best fit for your Visors.

Easy Installation

The robustness of this visor gives you a high-quality feel, also making it easy to use.

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Coming at a price range above 50$, this is one of the superior visors to look out for.

Final Verdict

The above given two visors are equally competitive to each other, it’s really a tough choice to pick one. If you are budget minded one and wants the best visor for your helmet then go with the first one. If budget is not an issue for you and wants a visor which provides you high feel then SHOC is the right one for you.

Cascade Lacrosse Helmet Visor Replacement is also available, You need to contact the manufacturer above, If it’s under warranty, You will get your replacement.

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