Cascade Pro 7 Lacrosse Helmet Review Guide – Protect Your Brian!

Something is really important when it comes to game and can’t be sacrificed at any cost, yes we are speaking about the safety which is an important factor in whatever sports you play.

Especially when it comes to the game of Lacrosse, safety is an irresistible factor, that’s why choosing the best helmet for you is the most important gear you need to purchase rather than any other gears.

Plus also we recommend you when buying a helmet don’t hesitate to spend some extra few bucks even it goes out of your budget.

We all know that choosing the wrong stick will affect the performance of your game, the same factor applies to your helmet too, if you don’t find a helmet with perfect fit it’s definitely going to affect your game for sure. Read out our Lacrosse Helmet Fitting guide!

Though there are lots of safety gears in the game of lacrosse, the helmet is one of the most important safety gear in the game of lacrosse. Just imagine a situation when you are playing a game without a helmet and your opponent hits the ball at 100kmph, ouch isn’t it, we don’t want you to be in that kind of situation that’s why we recommend you to buy Cascade Pro 7 Lacrosse helmet

Why Cascade lacrosse?

When it comes to the safety gears in lacrosse there is no one who can manufacture safety gears equal to them, yes they are the special ones known for their safety gears especially helmets, from the year 1990’s they have innovating lots of new helmets to provide better safety for players at the best quality. Even when you ask pro players about helmets, the first thing they say will be about Cascade.

Cascade Pro 7 Lacrosse helmet Review 2022

Though Cascade has been producing helmets since a long time and Cascade Pro 7 is one of their best models ever even among biggies like Cascade R Helmet, CPX R Helmets because of

Cascade Seven Technology

This is the first helmet to be made with use of Seven Technology, the main purpose of helmet is to withstand any kind of impact and provides you with great safety, that’s what Cascade Seven Technology does by compressing and push out the energy outwards and gets back to the original position so that you won’t be feeling any kind of impact on your head.

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Super Mono Shell

In order to provide better comfort your helmet needs to be lightweight, that’s why cascade has used Super Mono Shell so that you’ll be feeling better comfort with your helmet.

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Improved Rigidity

The improved rigidity of the helmet provides the players with extra added protection.


It comes at a price range of above 100$.


  • Improved Rigidity.
  • Better impact resistance.


  • Fit may be an issue for people below a certain age of 10.


I would be pretty sure that you might have been impressed by the futures of the helmet by now if still, you are in the confusion we give a personal guarantee on this helmet, we are so sure that this helmet will never disappoint you.

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