Best Lacrosse Goggles for Glasses 2024 Review & Buying Guide

We all know that the lacrosse is being played in four different types and women’s lacrosse is one among them.

Though Women’s lacrosse is not as popular as Men’s Lacrosse, yet this game is growing and has a lot’s of potential in future.

Even Now lots of girls from a younger age itself showing interest in this game. Unlike men’s lacrosse which is rough and tough, women’s lacrosse is a game that doesn’t need as much as safety gears like men’s Lacrosse.

If we count the numbers of safety gears worn by women, you can easily count it out, maybe two or three and the Goggles are the most important safety gear for women that everyone should wear.

Need for wearing Goggles

As there were no helmets used in women’s lacrosse, there are high chances that you could get hit by balls on your eyes without your goggles, so if you feel that you don’t want to have serious eye injury then buy the best quality goggles for you.

Is it legal to wear Glasses inside Goggles

So actually it is completely legal and is not compulsory one too, but you have to remember one thing that not all the goggles are designed out in a way to accommodate glasses because buying the wrong choice of googles will affect your view and provide discomfort during the game when you use glasses.

So that’s why we have given you some best choices below to pick out among, which all the goggles are perfectly fit any kind of glasses you wear.

How to check my Goggles is legal

So the lacrosse goggles you are buying should be an ASTM 3077 Standard one, if it contains this standard then your Goggles is completely legal, but some manufacturers are providing Goggles with the old safety standards, so buying those goggles will be completely useless, for that you need to careful while picking out your goggles.

Things to consider while selecting out the goggles

Every Goggle is made in a different way using different technology, that means all the goggles are not the same, it differs based on the material they use and the way manufacturers build it.

So in order find out the best goggles you need to be aware of these three things.

  • Vision
  • Durability
  • Comfort and Fit.


This is the most important thing you can’t even think of comprising in the goggles, simply reject out the goggles if it doesn’t provide the better vision you want.

Because some goggles might reduce your vision if it is of larger sizes, so make sure that you are giving you a clear vision when you choose your goggles.

Comfort and Fit

As we have mentioned earlier, the better the fit of goggles is then better your vision will because only the best-fit goggles can provide a better vision. So find out the best-fit goggles for your head.

Also try to choose goggles made of pure polycarbonate which will give you a better comfort too, so that you will not having any discomfort during the play.


Durability is also an important factor to be considered while buying the goggles because your goggles need to withstand any kind of impact, so always choose goggles made of polycarbonate and wire cage made of titanium, also make sure your goggles are water-resistant, otherwise, it will soon get corroded and be a waste of money.

Best Lacrosse goggles for glasses 2022

Actually, there are lots of Goggles available in the market from lots of brands, but all the goggles available will won’t fit your glasses, and so to make it convenient for you we have picked out three best goggles that can fit any kind of glasses and also of great quality.

STX Lacrosse Women’s 4Sight Plus Adult Lacrosse Goggles

This is one of the STX’s top-selling Lacrosse Goggles which is loved by beginners to professional players since it consists of some exclusive features like

It’s Legal – First of all these Goggles meets the standards of ASTM f3077, so it’s completely legal to use this goggles in any kind of leagues.

Oval wire Design – Vision is the most important factor for any lacrosse player, so in order to enhance they have made the cage with Oval Wire Design to provide better vision.

Form Fitting Silicon Padding – This padding has been used to ensure that the goggles are easy to clean and doesn’t absorb any sweat or moisture.

Anti Microbial Agent – This is implemented first time by Stx, so this feature reduces potential breakouts due to the perspiration.

Also, these goggles have been used by Division I teams like Duke, Georgetown, Hopkins.

Suitable for – These goggles are suitable for Attackers, Midfielders, Defenders.

Price – The price range of this goggles is 35-40$.


  • Enhanced Comfort and Fit.
  • High Durability.


  • This is not suitable if you have a small head means players below the age of 8.

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STX 4Sight Focus TI Women’s Goggles

For every manufacturer, they will have their best premium product which is the best product in that category. Like for STX, this 4Sight Focus TI Women’s Goggles is their premium Product.

Great Fit – These goggles are combined with Titanium Cage to provide you with enhanced fit and comfort.

Less weight – Compared to other goggles available in the market, this one is 30% less in weight than others which makes it feel less weight when you wear.

Minimal Double Bar Design – To provide better visibility the makers have implanted this Minimal Double bar Design in this product.

Price – Since it as premium product its price range is quite high and above 50$. Premium products always price high because of their best quality.


  • Premium Goggles.
  • Best fit and comfort.
  • Titanium cage.


  • Other than the price you can’t find out a defect in this product.

Cascade Iris Lacrosse Goggles

Though Cascade was one of the brands well known for their best Lacrosse helmets, they also make quality Goggles like Iris.

This one Iris is actually the one for beginners and high school players who were looking for their new Goggles at an affordable price.

Roomy Cage Interior – Unlike STX Focus Ti goggles on which cage is made up of titanium, here in Iris the cages are made of steel but the steel will also provide you a good quality life and protection, the interior of the cage is designed in a roomy like structure making it comfortable to wear any kind of glasses

Utmost comfort and fit – The padding of the goggles are designed are in such a way to provide not to absorb moisture which in turn gives you high durability.

Price – It comes at a better price range of 30$.


  • Better Price.
  • Roomy Cage Interior.
  • Meets ASTM standards


  • Not suitable for Pro players.

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Best Lacrosse Goggles for Rookies

If you are rookie or a beginner to the game of Lacrosse, then it’s better to buy normal Lacrosse goggles to get used to it before you shift adult one.

For you other then STX Lacrosse Girl’s Rookie Dual Sport Goggles there is no better option

 STX Lacrosse Girl’s Rookie Dual Sport Goggles

Though being specially made for rookies it also consists of quality standards and features equal to adult ones.

Superior Visibility – STX has used Low profile design and oval wire configuration to give the players better vision.

Vented Silicon Padding – The usage of this padding not only gives you better comfort but also it has less sweat absorption so the chance of breakouts is reduced and the cleaning made easy.

Price – It comes at a price range of 25$.


  • Meets ASTM Standards.
  • Vented Silicon padding.
  • Best choice for Rookies.


  • Not a preferred choice for adults.


So we have given you the best choices for you and now its time for you to pick out the best goggles for you which give you better safety and vision.

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