Best Wooden Lacrosse Shafts (Wooden Shaft Vs Metal) Get the Old Touch

If you want to know about Lacrosse Wooden Shafts, we have to recall the event from where the game of Lacrosse had been started.

Lacrosse is one of the finest sports which has been originated in North America around 15th century itself.

Some records saying that the game might have been played around the 10th century itself.

From the day the game has been started playing the wooden shaft was the one that has mainly used by players.

Till now even after the entry of shafts made of Metals, Carbon Fiber yet some people still prefer wooden shafts over those technology advancements.

The familiarity of Wooden Lacrosse Shafts started to decline after the introduction of metal shafts by STX in the year 1970’s.

But the sad thing is still some people are interested to buy wooden shafts, the problem is big manufacturers like STX, Brine, Warrior are not producing Wooden Shafts anymore.

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Is using Wooden Shafts still Legal?

After the domination of metal shafts in the field of lacrosse, the usage of wooden shafts has been considerably reduced.

So that’s where people started to think that the wooden Shafts were illegal in some leagues.

But the truth is except Western Lacrosse Association, wooden shafts are completely legal in most of the leagues.

Advantages of Having Wooden Lacrosse shafts

Wooden Lacrosse Stick history is such an amazing thing to read, Everything started from there.

The wooden shaft is still being used by some people in this modern era is all because of its traditional touch and the strength of the wooden Shafts.

Wooden Shafts are mostly preferred by defenders to provide strong checks, I can be so sure that these metal shafts cant able to withstand the power of wooden shafts checks.

Plus wooden shafts are also being preferred due to its high durability too.

Reasons for the decline of Wooden Shafts (Wood Lacrosse Shaft Vs Metal Shafts)

The first and primary reason for the decline of wooden shafts is due to the invention of metal shafts.

Wooden Lacrosse Shaft Weight is heavier than the metal shafts & as well as they are stronger than the metal.

To the extent on rainy days, the shafts get drenched and weight a lot heavier.

Also, these wooden shafts don’t provide natural grips like Carbon Fiber lacrosse Shafts.

Best Lacrosse Wooden Shafts 2022

Selecting the best wooden lacrosse is not a big task for us since only a few brands like RipWood, BurdWood is giving the best wooden Shafts and we have selected two best wooden shafts for you.

Here are the Few Best Wooden Shafts we have chosen in the market!

Ripwood USA Wood Lacrosse Shaft

They are one of the top-selling brands for Wooden Lacrosse Shaft on Amazon. Comes in a Solid Ash Colour this shaft consists of features like

  • These Lacrosse Shafts are Hand Crafted and made in the USA.
  • These sticks are made up of Solid Wood to provide more durability and strength to your sticks.
  • Plus an added advantage about this Shaft is that it comes around with Jimalax End Cap too.


  • Made of Solid Wood.
  • Provides high Durability.
  • Big Width


  • Slightly weights heavier.

Burd Wood Hickory Lacrosse Defense Shaft

If you are looking out for a better Wooden Shaft for your defence position, then this Burd Wood Hickory Shaft would be the ideal one for you.

  • It is a conventional eight-sided shaft with straight edges and a smooth sanded down grip.
  • Plus the shaft is Kiln Dried to avoid Warping of Sticks.
  • Made of hickory to wood to provide better Durability.
  • And can be set to any heads available in the market.


  • Smooth Sanded Down Grip
  • A perfect wooden Shaft for Defense.


  • Heavy Weight.


Other than Warping and high Weight you can’t find out problems on Wooden Shaft, it is equally good enough as metal Shafts. If you strong enough to carry these wooden shafts then nothing going to stop you on the field with wooden shafts in your hand. Alternatively, you can buy Used Lacrosse Wooden Shafts too.

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