Best Lacrosse Goalie Shafts Review in 2024 – Don’t let Balls pass you

Goalies are one of the most important players to the team, whether the win or loss of the team is based on the performance of Goalie. One goal save can even win you a match.

If you want to become the best goalie, having the right lacrosse shaft is one of the most important factors.

If you are a goalie you might know how important your hand Speed is to the game, yes but even though if you a have a great hand speed naturally but if you don’t use right lacrosse shaft then your speed is going to be considerably reduced, Remember Even seconds matters for Goalie.

So you have to find out a shaft having perfect weight and strength ratio that improves your game. But it’s not a big task because we selected out the best shafts for goalies available in the market. Just simply read out the review and pick the best one.

Measurements of Perfect Goalie Shaft

Shafts are usually available in three variants like Attack and Middie Shaft, Defense Shaft, Goalie Shaft.

Each of these has different measurements like Attack and Middie Shafts are the smallest while Defense Shaft is the Longest.

Goalie Shaft is in the midrange between these, according to the rules and regulations the size of Goalie Shafts must be between 40 -52 inches but most of the players prefer shaft of length between 40 – 42 inches.

Things to Lookout For While Selecting your Goalie Shaft

As like buying attack or defence shaft, buying goalie shaft is also similar to that you have to look out some basic things like

Material – You have to select your shaft made with the best material available in the market, choosing shafts made of materials like Carbon Fiber, Scandium, Titanium gives you an advantage.

Lightweight – The shaft of yours should be as much as lightweight as possible so that you can able to stop any kind of powerful shots from opponents.

Grip – Selecting out Shafts made out of Carbon Fiber will provide you natural grip, but adding an extra grip is always advised for better grip.

Best Lacrosse Goalie Shafts 2021

Lots of brands are making out shafts for Goalies but not every one of them is best, but we have researched all the available Goalie Shafts.manually and finally picked out 6 best Goalie Shafts for you.

Epoch Lacrosse C40 iQ3 Dragon Fly Nine Shafts (Our Choice)

This is our premium choice for those who want the best lacrosse goalie shafts available in the market which every elite and professional lacrosse players use.

When it comes to the shaft technology, goalies are the one who was forgotten, but epoch seems to have given more preference to the goalies with their new Goalie Dragon Fly 9 shafts.

12K Intelligent Weave Technology – So this technology also being used in DragonFly eight version shafts, it delivers the power the goalkeeper needs and makes him save the ball in milliseconds.

HD Resin – The HD resin they use improves the mechanical durability and strength of the shaft which will you have got a shaft that will come along with you for a very long time.

Light as Feather- No not really as light as feather, but it is so super light than you imagine because the speed is the most important factor that every goalie needs and this shafts provides them at the best.

Advanced Carbon layering – This is what that differentiates this product from other shafts because by doing this so they can easily alter the weight and durability of the stick they want and as result we’ll get the best shaft that we want.

Price – This is a shaft which elite and Pro players prefer and use, so it comes at a quite high price range of 140$.


  • Very Lightweight.
  • High Durability.
  • Better Flexibility.


  • Some users felt that grip is an issue during wet weathers, but it’s not something that you need to be worried about.

STX Outlet Goalie handles

This comes the next in the list only after Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly nine shafts, though this one is not as new as Epoch Lacrosse Recent Launch, this one is also a top-selling Lacrosse Goalie Shaft. If are a beginner or kind of looking for a good goalie shaft from the best brand at an affordable price then our choice for you is STX Lacrosse Outlet Goalie Shafts.

Ergonomic Profile Design – The shaft is made in much ergonomic way to resist handle twists during the game.

Newly Added Texture Grip – Newly added textured grip to the shaft provides you with a better stick control without much-added weight. So that you can move your stick faster than ever without slipping.

7075 Alloy – Usually it is difficult to build a shaft with 7075 alloys at 34 inches, but STX has broken all myths and made this shaft.

Best Price – Compared to the price of the other best shafts this one is coming at a price 70$ which is a better price range for any players.


  • Excellent Grip.
  • Made in an Ergonomic Profile Design.
  • Best price in the market.


  • Some feel that colour gets fade over time.

ECD CARBON 2.0 Composite Goalie Lacrosse Shaft

So if you are a player who never satisfied or settled with your shaft, then this one ECD Carbon 2.0 is the perfectly made shaft for you since it has been made with

Impact Layup – Most of the players who use shafts will break at some point and ECD after a lot of research finally found out the spot where the shaft breaks the most and give it an extra layer of carbon to make it stronger than ever.

5 Flex Technology – This technology has been implemented out in the shaft to provide uniform flex whenever you use it and will give a good feel while using the stick.

Long-Lasting Paint – Unlike other models of ECD, this new version has been coated with better paint which will come along with you until you use. So no more worries of using your shaft in any kind of weathers.

Updated Shape – The shaft is made in a concave shape so that you’ll get better comfort while you play and also it can be fit into almost no heads by any manufacturers.

Price – It comes at a price range of 100$ which is a better price for a high standard shaft like this.


  • High Strength ratio.
  • 5 Flex technology.
  • Long-Lasting colour.


  • For some people, the concave shape may not be liked.

Epoch Lacrosse Dragonfly Eight 40’’ Goalie Shaft

This is one of the newest and finest inventions by Epoch in the Segment of Goalie Shaft, they have designed this shaft after getting suggestion from goalies like what are the problems they face while using goalie shafts and what needs to be done to make it better. And finally, they have developed this ultimate Goalie Shaft.

Increased Overall Toughness – The strength of your shaft is an X factor since you don’t want your stick to broken in one or two games. That’s why Epoch Lacrosse has used Surface veil Technology to increase the overall toughness of the Shaft.

12k Intelligent Wave Technology – As we have mentioned earlier speed is very much important for a goalie, even a difference of milliseconds can decide the goal, so you need to be fast enough, for that purpose Epoch has implemented 12k Intelligent Wave Technology in the shaft to provide lightweight with high Strength.

Carbon Fiber Material Shaft – The Shaft is made with carbon fibre materials and they have achieved Flex IQ by implementing it, so it doesn’t matter how much you bend the shaft it will retain to its firmness.

1-year Manufacturer Warranty – So now there is no need to worry about the shaft life for 1 year since they are giving 1-year manufacturer warranty too.

Price – It comes around a price tag of 140$.


  • Very Light Weight.
  • Highly Durable.
  • Comes with 1-year Warranty.


  • Little pricey.

Maverick A1 2022 Lacrosse Goalie Shaft

This is Maverick one of the finest made for the goalie who was looking out for a new shaft since it comes with

7000 Series Alloy –This shaft is being made with one of the rarest metals that have been used for making goalie shaft, but the secret is this metal provides great strength, so that’s why they have selected this material.

Grit Grip Technology – This technology provides the shaft with the perfect grip so you’ll be getting excellent stick control throughout the game.

Added Adjustable Butt Ends – Along with the better Grip they have also added out the Adjustable Butt Ends to provide further better stick control.

Price – At the price range of 110$ this is an average priced stick in the market.


  • Better Grip.
  • Best one for intermediates and professionals.


  • Not suggested for professionals.

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Brine Clutch Lacrosse Goalie Shaft

One of the lightest shafts from the Brine Series perfectly made for beginners and intermediates who were looking for the best goalie shaft for their game.

Made of SL2 Alloy – The usage of SL2 for making out this shaft makes this shaft so lightweight, you can’t even feel that these shafts are in your hands.

Rounded Edge Die – The die of the shaft is rounded edge so that it gives you the most natural feel on your stick whenever you use it.

Highly Durable – The usage of SL2 Alloy makes sure that the shaft is highly durable and comes around with you for a very long time.

Better Price- At a price range of 90$ this is one of the cheapest shafts for goalies, so this is the one for you if you are on a budget.


  • Perfect shaft for players who are starting and building their career.
  • Less weight and high strength.
  • Low Price.


  • Not an ideal one for professional players.

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Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond 13 Lacrosse Goalie Shaft

This is a Lacrosse Goalie Shaft for those who want to buy a shaft of advanced levels, this shaft is used by many successful pro players, also this is one of the premium shafts being available in the market

Diamond Grip – Not all the shafts that are being produced are made with the Diamond Grip, this shaft from warrior is one of the rarest shaft being Made with Diamond Grip when it comes Goalies grip is the most important factor and this natural Diamond Grip provides you with the best grip you needs.

Excellent Durability – Plus this Shaft made with some new innovative technology to make it extremely durable, so it doesn’t matter how hard you play with this shaft, it’s going to coming with you for a long time.

Extremely Lightweight – The usage of Krypto Alloy is one of the key factors why this shaft is so lightweight with even being highly durable.

Price – This is the part which makes you think for a second, it comes at a price range of 150$ so this is a premium shaft and you can’t get these kinds of shafts at a low price.


The above six shaft variants are best in each aspect and also price varies on each model, if you want a shaft for professional-level go for Epoch DragonFly nine series and ECD carbon 2.0, or if you are at a beginner or intermediate level brinemaverick will be the best choice for you.

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