Best High Ankle Lacrosse Cleats Review (Get Better Safety & Stability)

Every lacrosse Athlete wants the perfect gears for them to provide their best game, likewise having the best cleats for your feet is also the most important task for you.

During the olden days players usually plays with a Wooden Lacrosse Stick also with the barefoot and due to that, they have a high risk of injuries during the game. Think if you are playing on a barefoot and your opponent tries to hit the ball he misses and hit your ankles at 100 kmph, yuck seem’s terrific right.

That’s where the invention of lacrosse Cleats gave some great relief to the players, so now they can play more safe and sound than before.

Also using Lacrosse Cleats will make you play the game at the maximum potential too.

Since there are a wide variety of cleats being available in the market, and also with different types like High Ankle Lacrosse Cleats, Mid Cleats, Low Cleats.

Yet here we are going to provide you with the best High Ankle Lacrosse Cleats because that is what the reason that you came here looking for.

Why High Ankle Lacrosse Cleats?

Yes due to the technological advancements Cleats has been available as High Ankle Lacrosse Cleats, Mid Cleats, Low Cleats.

Every cleat has its own specialities and features like

Low Cleats are usually preferred by players who want more agility and speed with their Cleats but when it comes to safety it doesn’t provide as much as a safety like High Ankle Cleats.

Mid Cleats are the hot-selling cleats since it provides speed and agility equal to Low Cleats but with extra safety than it

High Ankle Lacrosse Cleats is mostly preferred by people who want more safety for their ankles, though it doesn’t provide the same speed as the other two variants yet it provides great stability and Safety.

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How to select Best High Ankle Cleats

Selecting the best high ankle cleats may seem like a difficult job, but in reality it is not but we are here to make it simple.

The most important aspect while selecting your cleats is the fit because if you don’t buy shoes of the right size it’s going to spoil your whole game.

Also, make sure your cleats are made of Synthetic or leather because these materials are water resistant and provide high durability too.

Next factor is outsole of the cleats, mostly outsoles are made of plastics, studs and spikes, so based on the field that you are playing find out your cleats with best outsoles that provide better traction.

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Best High Ankle Lacrosse Cleats 2022

After doing a lots of research and testing all those best cleats ourselves and finally picked out three best High Ankle Cleats for you.

Under Armour Men’s Highlight MC

This is Under Armour’s Dominating Special Defense Shoe consists of some exciting features like

Clutch Fit Upper Technology – The upper materials of these cleats are fully made of synthetic and the usage of this technology provides protection to your foot like a second skin.

Eyerow Cutouts – In order to provide extended easy entry and enhanced flexibility they have used out this Eyerow cutout.

Breathable Fabric Lining – Most of the common problems faced by players using cleats for a long time is swelling of the foot, but Under Armour has cleverly used Breathable Fabric Lining to solve the problem to the maximum extent.

Molded 4D Foam® footbed – This foam ensures you that zero slippage with the usage of the cleats and also reduces cleat pressure too.

Plus outsole of the cleat is made of Ruggedly lugged Rubber to provide optimal Grip and speed.

Price – It comes at a Price Range of Around 100$.


  • High protection to your ankle.
  • Usage of Clutch Fit Upper Technology.
  • Breathable Fabric Lining.


  • Some Buyers feel that Bottom is too hard.

Nike Vapor Untouchable 3 Elite Lacrosse Cleats (Premium Edition)

Though not one of the top-selling cleats like Under Armour, we will regard it as a premium choice.

As we all know Nike is one of the most recognised brands for all the sports around the world, so buying the cleats made by them is always so special.

  • To provide a lightweight and also high strength they have used Flyknit upper with high-tenacity yarns so that you can feel your cleats so lightweight.
  • Usage of One piece Collar delivers you more stability and plus an added support to your Angle which keeps you firm throughout the game.
  • The outsole of the cleats is made of Carbon Fiber Plates so that you’ll be getting enough Grip and Traction in whatever surface you’ll be playing on.
  • They have designed the Cleats with Updated Stud Geometry to provide best fit and comfort for your heels.
  • Price of the cleats varies based on colour and size, its average price is around 160$.


  • High Grip.
  • Enhanced safety to your Ankles.


  • Price is slightly higher.

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So by now after reading about the two products you have decided which one to buy, if still, you are confused, just pick the one because both the cleats are like amazing products. Yeah if based on price, Nike may seem higher but trust us it is worth buying the product for that price.

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