STX Shield Series Chest Protector Review in 2024 – Protect you Chests

Lacrosse is one of the sports that need major protection since the chances of injury-prone are high, and especially when it comes to the goalie because he is the one who is gonna get hit by the ball an uncountable no of times.

So if you are goalie, then you kind of know at what force a lacrosse ball can hit you, so it is here where the importance of chest pad comes.

Usually, chest pads are only worn by goalies because they are the one who has high chances of getting hit on their chests.

About STX Shield Series

STX has specifically has made this Shield Series for Goalies and under these series, they make gears only related to goalies. We all know how good STX is when making products for lacrosse players and here for goalies they have gone a step ahead and made out their best products.

STX Shield Chest Protector Review

So STX has been providing three varieties of chest protector in the Shield series namely Shield 500, Shield 300 and finally Shield 100. And we have tested all these products under various conditions and finally give you the best review to make your choice.

STX Shield 500 Chest Protector

The Shield 500 chest protector is designed for the elite goalie who wants maximum mobility and protection in the goal.

Compression Molded – With this compression moulding, you can expect lots of protection with an ultra-low profile.

Cardiac Silhouette- So this is a thing implemented first time ever by STX, so what it does is that underneath the floating chest plate the pad extends over towards the cardiac region instead of just having mid-chest protection and they have really focussed on the brunt of the heart region so you are getting great protection over your chest region.

Removable Air Zone – So it’s actually an air bladder and it’s like a nice little cushion right on the top of your chest and if you don’t need it really you can take it off.

Floating chest plate – This floating chest plate allows you to move freely while giving you added protection.

Extra Stomach Pad – Plus they have also incorporated an extra stomach pad option and if you don’t kind of want that extra protection you can remove it.

Stretch Zones – So this option allows your upper body to be moved freely with any restriction in your movement.

Strap System – The strap system is actually three-way adjustable so you can adjust it the way you want or you can really pull it really nice and tight across the back of your shoulders and pull the chest pad all the way up as you want.

Price – It comes at a price range of 150$, when coming to chest protection it is advisable to spend some extra bucks than your budget for a product like this.


  • Free-range of motion with maximum protection.
  • Extra comfort.
  • Easily adjustable.

  • Some people say that usage of stomach pad provides some restriction to movement but that’s not a big issue because you can remove it if you want.

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STX Shield 300 Chest Protector

The Shield 300 chest protector is made for the intermediate goalie who wants a chest protector which fits his level of play.

Mid Chest Protection – As like the Shield 500, this one also has got cardiac Silhouette which means your mid-chest region is going to get a lot of protection.

Stomach Pad – This extra removable stomach pad is going to give an added protection to your stomach region, but if you feel like this pad is gonna restrict your movement you can remove it.

Floating Chest Plate – The floating chest plate along with Stretch Zone gives you better mobility than any other chest protectors.

Strap System – To make the chest protector an easily adjustable one they have provided you with a three-way adjustable straps so that you can adjust your chest protector in an instant.

Price – It comes with a price tag of 99$, you may wonder that how this one comes so cheap compared to Shield 500 because this one also has same features as that, you see when the price of the product drops it means that quality and Protection level is compromised.

And as we have said earlier that this one is for intermediates and it contains features that intermediate player requires.


  • Perfect chest protector for intermediate players.
  • Good Protection.
  • Provides a good range of Mobility.

  • Not suitable for elite players.

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STX Shield 100 Chest Protector

The Shield 100 chest protector is designed for the beginner goalie who wants to be protected for taking his first shots.

If you are a beginner and new to the game then definitely this chest protector is for you because this one is coming at a much cheaper price and gives ideal protection that a beginner player needs.

Enhanced Fit – This Shield 100 one gives you an unrestricted movement with a Multiple Break enhance fit.

Hard Plastic – In order to provide maximum protection hard plastic has been used throughout the chest plate and shoulder caps.

Better adjustability – The strap system that they have used over here offers you vertical adjustability. Plus additional stomach padding is also given for protection.


It comes at an affordable price range of 50$.


  • Better Fit.
  • Best one for Beginners.

  • Not suitable for intermediates and Experts.

We have prepared out a chart and compared these three products so that you can easily know about these three products

Product Shield 500 Chest Protector Shield 300 Chest Protector Shield 100 Chest Protector
Size M,L,XL S,M,L S,M,L
Durability 5 3 2
Flexibility 5 5 5
Lightness 5 3 3
Adjustability 4 3 2



3– Not bad



Final verdict

These Chest Protectors are the one which is going to save you from hard shots, and a brand like STX have provided their best in making these shield products, and so if you want the best protection we’ll definitely suggest you these products and now it’s your decision to make.

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