STX Surgeon 700 Lacrosse head Review & Buying Guide

If you want to buy a great head and do a research definitely you gonna end up with this name STX surgeon 700 head.

There are hundreds of heads being available now varying from price to specifications, but when it comes to The Best only a few heads fall under this category and we are happy to say that STX Surgeon 700 Lacrosse Head is one among them.

That’s why to provide The Best Review about The Best Head, I recommended my top 5 best students to play with this head and have watched every bit about how they play, what’s the difference they make in their progress compared to their previous heads, plus how these heads make an impact.

So we have analysed everything about this head and we are happy to give a review of this product which is gonna help you find more about this head.

STX Surgeon 700 Lacrosse heads review

We can simply say that STX has mainly targeted stringers with this new STX Surgeon 700 which most of you guys were. This head is absolutely built out for elite precision players.

Better Stiffness – So actually this head is a bit heavier than other offence heads that you have used, but we can be so sure that this is the best stiffness head available in this section. So if you want your head with some extra stiffness then this will be the perfect one for you.

New Channel-lock Technology – So this is a new feature they have added in the Surgeon 700, it allows the player to fine-tune the top string.

Suspension Rail Technology – This technology allows the player to string a high pocket, while maintaining low pocket control when necessary, it also allows the player to string to the inside so the mesh is on the inside of the head allowing for a tighter overall shape.

Dura Form Material – So this is a unique material they have used in this head, so the difference between their new Dura Form Material and previous ACP material is that Dura Form performs better in colder climates.

Throat lock Feature – So this feature provides more stability for a shorter throat plus it also allows for a more secure connection between the head, because the throat is designed out shorter which allows for more control so you can able to get closer to the ball with reduced head rattle too.

Cored out Scoop – STX always wanted for ultra pointed scoop because they are better for accuracy but the thing is it will make really tough for ground balls, so they rounded the profile out and in turn, it works well makes the ground ball much easier.

Optimal Fit – The Surgeon 700 was designed to work with all types of handles to make it an optimal fit head.


  • Channel Lock Technology.
  • Dura Form Material.
  • Fits for players of any level.

  • This head might be slightly heavier than other offence shafts.

Also get your Chest Protector & Rib Protectors to complete your Purchase


We highly recommend this head for players who are looking for an elite level head with lots of newly added technologies.

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