Warrior Cobra X Lacrosse Head Review & Buying Guide 2022

Like how men are incomplete without women, the good stick is incomplete without a good head, that’s how important heads are to the game.

Choosing the best head depends upon various factors and frankly, it is highly based upon your preference.

In earlier days most of the players prefer to buy sticks and heads separate based on their requirements, but nowadays the stick being manufactured as complete sticks, yet pro players still like to buy their head and shaft separate.

There are 100’s of heads being available in the market, but that doesn’t matter now because you are now in an intention to buy Warrior Cobra X head.

They have named out this head Cobra due to a specific reason, and the name itself defines out the speciality of the head.

Yes, Cobra is one of the fastest and fierce reptile likewise Warrior Cobra X is a special head made for attacking players.

About Warrior lacrosse

Only a few brands are recognised in every sports field, likewise in the field of lacrosse, Warrior is one of the recognised brands since a long time. In simple words, it is like one among the top 3 brands out in the field of lacrosse and when it comes to Lacrosse heads there is no one in this field who can compete with the warrior.

Warrior Cobra X Lacrosse Head Review

As we have said earlier warrior has made out this head keeping the attackers in the mind making it as the best ever perfect head for attacking players.

Pinpoint Accuracy – Since this cobra head allows you to rip the corners and also the thread too passes through the defence it provides lightweight to the head without sacrificing stiffness.

Beefed up Sidewall – This added beefed up the sidewall to the head and an added long narrow face to promote the accuracy of the head by maintaining a long consistent channel down the centre of the pocket.

Insert Molder throat – The special insert moulder throat of this head provides you 2 tone colour hit so that you’ll be getting a wide range of colour variations for your head.

Price – This head comes around a moderate price range of below 120$.

Is this head also suitable for defenders and middies

Actually this head is mainly designed keeping attackers in Mind, since it has a very lightweight design, reverse flared sidewalls may be suitable for middies too who wants some great accuracy with their head, but definitely, we don’t prefer this head for Defenders since it will definitely not fulfils the need of defenders for sure.


  • High Accuracy.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Better durability.
  • One of the best sticks for attacking players


  • Not a suitable one for defenders.
  • Less face off.


Finally, you might have decided whether this head will get a place on your stick, if still you are confused just check out all the other attacking heads available in the market and definitely you are gonna end up buying this Cobra X Lacrosse head.

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