STX Stallion Series Shaft Review & Buying Guide ✅ 2024

Middies are the one in the game who need to run a lot because they are the one in the game who needs to create a goal-scoring opportunity and also prevents the opponent from scoring the goal too.

That’s why a team with better midfielders wins the matches more than the team with the best attackers or defenders.

And most of the gear manufacturers have forgotten about midfielders and don’t make any special gears for them.

But STX won’t do like that because they actually created a series called Stallion made out especially for midfielders and stallion series heads has been one of the top-selling among midfielders.

And the thing you won’t be a great midfielder on the mat only by having the best heads, having the right shaft is also as important as having the best head.

Because having the best head and not having the best shaft won’t make you the best midfielder, and the that’s why we have decided to review the stallion series shafts which were created specifically keeping midfielders in mind.

STX Stallion Series Shaft Review

So now currently in STX Stallion, three shafts are in the trend and we have decided to test out those shafts and gave you some expert review about those products.

The top-selling stallion shafts we have decided to review are Stallion SC-Ti OCS, Stallion 7000, Stallion 6000.

Stallion SC-Ti OCS Shaft

So let’s first get started with Stallion SC-Ti OCS shaft which is the latest version among the Stallion Series.

The Stallion Sc-Ti OCS handle will stand up to the rugged play of the elite midfielder on both ends of the field.

OCS Technology

STX has implemented OCS technology in this shaft which means optimized cross-section and what it really does is that it adds material in all the corners of the shaft, so this is going dramatically decrease denting without adding weight.

Shaft lock technology

 So by using this technology the shaft will have a more secure connection between head and handle reducing head rattle.

Better Grip

In order to provide the best grip ever this shaft has been made with Steep basic graphic with a mild sandblast finish.

High Strength to Weight Ratio

With a high strength to weight ratio, this shaft is 5% lighter than Stallion Sc-Ti models and this has been achieved by maintaining strength with OCS technology.

Multicolour Options

In addition, the shaft is coming in multi-colour variants like Black, grey, dark grey, royal, red.


With all these amazing features this shaft is available at a price tag of 100$ which is very much a reasonable price for an elite shaft.


  • Shaft lock Technology.
  • Reduced Head Rattle.
  • Sandblast Finish.


  • Bit Pricey

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STX Stallion 7000 Series Shaft Review

The Stallion 7000 men’s lacrosse handle is made for the competitive all-around player.

All-around player options mean that this handle is suitable for players of any skill set level.

But our opinion is that if you are player of intermediate level or even a beginner you can try these shaft bravely and this shaft is definitely gonna give its best performance that you want.

Though not as new as the Stallion SC-Ti, this one is also still one among the top-selling shafts

Matte-anodized 7000-series alloy

Made out with Matte-anodized 7000 series alloy this shaft gives you the lightweight that you want as an attacking player.

Sandblast Finish

To provide you a better grip in any kind of weather conditions mild sandblast finish has been implemented out here.


Above all the special features mentioned, this is the one which is gonna impress you since it is available at a price range of 50$.


  • tx
  • Better Grip Finish.
  • Light Weight.
  • Best for Beginners and intermediates.


  • Not suitable for elite level players.

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STX Stallion 6000 Series Shaft Review

The Stallion 6000 men’s lacrosse handle is made for the intermediate all-around player and is made with a 6000 alloy. Weighing around 6 ounces and available at a length of 30 inches, we personally recommend these shaft to the players at the beginner level.

6000 Alloy – To provide a lightweight that a beginner player requires, this shaft has been made with Matte anodized 6000 Alloy.

Memory Marker Graphics – Inorder to make your shaft more attractive, Memory Marker Graphics has been used, plus it also provides you with a long-lasting effect with proper hand placement.

Excellent Finish – A smooth and Non Slip finish has been given that a beginner player expects in his shaft.

Cheap Pricing – This shaft is available at a most affordable price for anyone at a range of 24$, and with a basic level head, you can have your best stick at a total of 50-60$ itself.


  • Best shaft for entry-level players.
  • Memory Marker Graphics.
  • Cheap Pricing


  • Not suitable for expert players.
Product Sc-Ti OCS Handle 7000 Handle 6000 Handle
Shaft Lock Yes No No
OCS Yes No No
Profile Concave Octagon Concave Octagon Octagon
Durability 5 2 2
Strength 5 2 2
Feel 4 2 2

1– Ok

2– Average

3– Not bad

4– Good

5– Excellent.


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