STX Surgeon 700 Lacrosse Gloves Review & Buying Guide

If you need a top-quality notch product, then you have to put on some research about the thing you need to buy, check out on top manufacturers, comparing out the differences. But it would take out a lot of time for sure and patience too.

And to make this process simple, we have compiled out all the best brand manufacturers and check out them manually by purchasing all those products and test them and finally give you the best products for you.

Now we have reviewed about Surgeon 700 Lacrosse Gloves, so that you can know in-depth about this product and when you finally goes out, definitely you would have decided whether this product is well suited for you or not.

About STX Surgeon Family

We all know about the brand of STX, even beginner players know how good STX products are, the new innovations they bring in with the implementation of technologies makes them so special.

This is what STX says about their new surgeon family Play with Precision and slice through the defence with our Surgeon product family. You are always on the attack and rely on quickness, agility and speed to dominate your opponent.

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STX Surgeon 700 Lacrosse Gloves Review

If you are a player of my age, then you might have known that how technology has improved a lot in the making of gloves. The comfort and protection given by gloves nowadays, you can’t even think about it during those days, and STX surgeon is a thousand steps ahead since it has been made by asking the opinions of lots of players, the issues they face with current gloves and what they want in their next gloves. This is what STX Surgeon 700 Gloves is composed of

Second Skin Palm – What’s actually with this second-skin palm is that they reduced the number of stick lines, it gives you a nice tactile response and next-generation feel and they have upgraded to the dual-layer inside of the gloves. The second skin is actually an X suede 10W palm Material.

You definitely don’t gonna feel any of the stitch lines inside of the gloves when you wear.

Updated Precision Fit Profile – The updated the precision fit of the gloves so well, so the fingers really get a hold of the shape of your hand, you can actually feel it better when you wear it once.

Better ventilation – The most common issue faced by lots of players using lacrosse gloves is lack of ventilation inside their hands, that’s why STX has provided a mesh on the inside surface of the gloves which gives you better ventilation than any other gloves you have worn so far.

Plus tapers outside on the back of the hand, so that your fingers can really breathe.

New layered cuff design – This new cuff gives you better mobility than ever you had before, you can actually open this up and put it to the inside of the tag and lock that together, you’ll have even more wrist mobility now. To give extra control when doing this they have given an additional strap on the inside for it.

If dexterity and mobility is your thing, you just clamp those sides together.

DFLKT Carbon Plates – STX has given these gloves with Real Carbon Fiber across the top of your thumbs and with long coverages will give you much better protection against slashes and make it a better durable gloves.

Price – It comes with a price tag of 150$, with the number of features it provides this one is worth paying some extra bucks.


  • DFLKT Carbon Plates.
  • X suede 10W palm Material.
  • Better Precision Fit.

  • Other than the price we can’t find a complaint about this product.

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 Our final words are that this is a glove you can simply trust without any reviews and buy it because these products are so good than you have thought of.

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