STX Rival Vs Cascade R Review – Pick out the Best in 2024

As a Lacrosse player, you might know how many safety gears you need to use in the game, and among those variety of safety gears, the helmet is the must gear that every player should wear because injury on a head is something you don’t want to have since as you know what damages a head injury can give you.

That’s the reason why it is always advisable to buy the helmets from best brands, but it comes to an issue when you want to pick out the best helmets because there are lots of new helmets being introduced by top-level brands every month because when the competition is increasing in this field and every brand is trying to give out their best product.

That’s when most of the users have said that they are confused in choosing the best one between STX Rival and Cascade R.

Its really true because even we professional at initial when asked to pick out the best, we struggled, and that’s why we have put in quite manual research to provide you with every detail about this product which will make easier for you to make the choice.

STX Rival Vs Cascade R

So after our complete, we are giving you each and every feature of these products as a comparison which will help you to decide easier.


So let’s start with price, the Cascade S base model starts at 280$ while STX Rival is 249$, but when you go to the advanced models like with Satin Finish, Chrome finish Cascade S costs 350$ and while STX Rival Costs 349.99$ which make both even.

When it comes to the price at base model STX Rival gonna win, with standard moulded colours but once you step up the more customizations, the price seems to come close to each other.

And one other thing to note on Rival is there is no cost for face mask upgrade, but it costs extra 20 bucks in the Cascade S.


When it comes to customizations STX Rival gives you tons of options and definitely STX gonna win this category, lots of colours options including chrome colours, face mask colours, chin strap you can customize like the way you want with a variety of options.

Though Cascade S has much chrome options and Matt options but not as many as STX.

But one thing STX doesn’t have is when you customize you can’t get any decals but with cascade, you can get Mohawk visor, chin decals these kinds of things come custom.

Overall Look

So this is not a big factor need to be considered, but we provide them for those who prefer looks of their helmet.

STX took a huge jump from their previous stein line means the looks have improved out a lot from their previous helmets.

While Cascade S, on the other hand, has the look most of us prefer this just seems a little bulky up and sits a little high on the head plus this is nice and streamlined.

Fit and Comfort

Fit is one of the most important factors that need to be considered while purchasing a helmet because an unfit helmet not only affects your game but also a complete waste of money.

STX has got air fit system for the helmet where you pump it up and release the air that kind of tightens it all around your head which is good and obviously both have interchangeable gel pads which are pretty standard for helmets.

While Cascade has the fit on the back adjuster which just tightens it in back on your head.

When it comes to sizes STX provides four variants small, medium, large, XL while cascade gives you youth, and then a one size fits all for their men option.

We actually prefer Cascade S over here because it sits nicely on the head because sometimes we feel some pressure on Forehead with Rival.

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Cascade S comes with a weight of 2.4 pounds while STX Rival is 2.95 pounds that’s almost a half a pound difference, which you can really feel when you have both the helmets in your hands.


This is a thing which both the companies have talked about a lot, and both of the companies have made a big difference from their predecessor models.

When we compare both lots of ventilation spaces at the top in Cascade S than STX rival, both of them have added vents to the back potion to help some ventilation come out of the back, STX rival has even more ventilation on the back, but on the top definitely, Cascade going to win.

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When it comes to the protection we can’t clearly pick out a winner, as per statistics, both are Nazi approved which means both are safe enough to be on the field.

STX has got the Proprietary GPU system and then cascade has a tri-layer system where their U7 technology as well as a couple of others throughout the different parts of the helmet to provide the most protection and also the Jaw which is stiffer to give your jaw more protection.

We really can’t pick out a real winner between both, one thing for sure is that both the helmets are going to keep your heads absolutely safe.

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Final words

When looking at the statistics we can clearly see each helmet have their own advantage in different areas, and definitely both helmets are worth for your money. But if you want us to pick out, we can say that Cascade S will be the one, it doesn’t mean STX Rival is a bad one, but it still it depends highly on your personal preference.

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