STX Lacrosse Rebounder Reviews 2024 – Extraordinary Products!

For every sport, there are certain brands which you can blindly trust without checking or looking for reviews you can simply buy those brands because they always give the best product for their Customers.

Likewise for the Sports of Lacrosse, if there is one brand that you can simply trust is STX. They are the best manufactures of all Lacrosse related sports for the past 25 years.

With their Experience, they always give Quality products all the time. Their motto “No Comprise in Quality” itself shows their dedication towards their customers.

Actually, I started playing lacrosse at age of 10 and during those times I was not familiar to STX brand and at the age of 16, my coach Justin had recommended me that it’s time to switch to STX.

After the Usage of STX products I personally felt these products are really a good one for the price we pay and even I saw good progress in my career after I have started to use STX products.

STX Lacrosse Rebounders Review 2023

If you are looking out for a way to improve your game of lacrosse there are few ways to do it so.

One is playing with your friends or team players on the ground but it has a major disadvantage that you can’t find a partner whenever you needed.

Next option is practising on walls, but it also has a disadvantage that you can’t practice the game in different angles also you can’t find walls always when needed.

But the best of all is practising out using a Rebounder which allows you to practice whenever needed and also you can practice at various angles getting live gameplay environment.

Just 10 minutes of practice daily will improve your game a lot than you can imagine.

Practising with STX is an Extra Bonus since you are practising with a brand that Pro players are using for their Practice.

STX provides you with a variety of Rebounders and among them, we have selected two best rebounders.

  • STX Bounce Back.
  • STX Double Sided Lacrosse Rebounder

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STX Bounce Back Lacrosse Target

This is one of the best inventions by STX for improving the quality of players and loved by professionals. You can combine this rebounder with the STX Lacrosse Rebounder target, To have excellent accuracy training.

It is used by professional players widely due to factors such as

Multiple Versatility Function

This is a rebounder where you can use it to practice for multiple sports and it is not only limited out to Lacrosse.

Orange Outlined Color Surface

The mat of this rebounder is outlined with Orange Color, so the targeted area is pretty clear which helps out you to increase out the accuracy of your game.

Sturdy Steel Frame

This rebounder comes out with Steel Frame which allows you to adjust to various angles without much effort.

And also this is much sturdy one, so you don’t need to worry about the rebounder falling when you hit Hard.

The steel frame ensures that it is able to withstand any types of climatic changes and provides good durability.

Excellent Dampened surface

The mat surface of the rebounder comes with a size of 4’ Tall and 3’ Wide and an Excellent Dampened surface which suits well for the people having small backyards.

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The pricing of the product is in the range of below 200$, if you are a hard fan of STX having a good budget range then this rebounder is specially designed for you.


  • Suitable for small Backyards
  • Sturdy Steel Frames.
  • Used for Multi Sports Purposes.
  • Comes with good instruction Manual for easy assembly.


  • Little hard to move since weighing 60 pounds.
  • Not suitable for Big Yards.

STX Double Sided Lacrosse Rebounder

If you are looking for an excellent rebounder from STX with various features at an affordable price you should definitely consider this one.

Double-Sided Action

Since this rebounder comes with double sided lacrosse net so you can easily drill the balls from both sides of the rebounder, so you can now practice along with your friends with this rebounder.

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Adjustable Steel A-frame

It is one of the highlight feature of this rebounder that this Adjustable Steel Frame allows practising at different angles at ease.

Bungee Attached Nets

The nets of the rebounder are made up of nylon of size 5’ tall and 3’ wide to make it resistant to powerful shots and provide a good pitchback.

Also, it is easy to portable since it is less weighted.


Pricing is the highlighted feature of this product since it is coming under a price range around 130$.


  • Cost is Low.
  • Easily Transportable due to less weight.
  • Easily adjustable.


  • Assembly instructions are not so clear.
  • Shorter than normal rebounders.

Final Verdict

STX is a brand you can simply trust with the name itself, so just go for the 1st one if the price doesn’t matter you. And if you are budget minded then go with the 2nd one where you can get an STX rebounder at this low price but it has its limitations too.

Train harder with the STX Lacrosse Rebounder and Show your talent to the World.

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