How to tape a lacrosse stick?

When you have your life process take, it is also integral to know about the taping as well. Some different types of designs are available which players can try. Some get in touch with professionals to do so, and some do it on their own. But whenever you are about to do so, you need to keep a certain thing in mind. Let’s explore all of them.

Prior tips for taping the lacrosse stick:

Before reaching the conclusion of taping the complete lacrosse stick, consider all these tricks:-

  • At the very first, if you are not someone who likes the grippy tape, then get the old pair of gloves available and twisted the parents on the shaft. It successfully removes all the excess adhesive available on the same.
  • It is also important for you to clean the electricity before reusing the same. It helps in best contact with the shaft, and in return, long-lasting results will be available to you.

Do’s of taping the lacrosse stick:

  • Make sure to start from the bottom of the shaft and work your way up. Don’t go for top-down because it may create some problems for you. This majorly helps the lacrosse tape to lay flat, and there will be no problem of pull up on roll-up. Also, it will increase the life of the tape job, and there will be no need for you to retaping.
  • Make sure to use the hair blow dryer as it up the tape, and you run your hand over it. It will be secure. The best part is it prevents rolling and will not give little frays, which is found to be very annoying.

Don’t of taping with lacrosse stick:

  • Never and ever use wax on it. The major reason for avoiding wax because it may make the surface speaker which will be difficult for you to handle. It will not work in your favor and affect the gameplay as well.
  • Don’t start from the top because in between, you might face some problems.
  • Don’t reap tape the stick before the game because it is a really great P1 which let two different problems. Therefore do it before 5 to 10 days of the.

Rule to know for taping:

Some rules are also there, which we need to keep in mind whenever it is about taping. These are as follows:

  • Whenever it is about face off then make sure there must be a contrasting colour of tape available on the shaft. It clearly means that white shaft you cannot have the white tape and with black shaft, you cannot have the black one.

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