What’s the Best Way to Build a Stylish Website?

It is not only in the physical realm where architectural design aesthetics come to the fore because this is very much part of what makes one part of the internet distinct from another. After all, we have all come across poorly designed or slow-running websites just as we have all experienced ugly or dysfunctional buildings. So, what makes a stylish and functional website and what lessons can web designers draw from architecture? Read on to find out.

Use a Dedicated Service

Although you can build a website from scratch, you will need technical as well as design skills to pull this off. Instead, it is often better to make use of a professional website builder platform so that you can concentrate on aesthetic aspects of the design rather than technical ones. There are plenty of website builders to choose from but it is often best to go with a trusted name that’s established in the market. Newcomers may go under meaning your hard work in website design will often be lost if you’re tied into it. Sometimes web building and web hosting services can be combined which often affords an economy of scale, too.

Consider the Negative Space

Filling up your pages with images and text may seem like you’re getting value for money but this is seldom the case. Pages that look too busy often put visitors off. Opt for a leaner, cleaner approach instead. You can imagine what pages will look like with space left open if you try out some sample page demonstrations. Even temporarily equipping them with stock images and filler text will do until you can fine-tune your design with real content. As with many aspects of design, with web building, less is more.

Think About Device Usage

These days, the majority of web searches are carried out on mobile devices. In turn, this means that more traffic to your website is likely to be derived from smartphones and tablets than desktop computers – at least for that crucial first visit when your site is being initially checked out. Remember that phones have a different aspect ratio compared to monitors so your design needs to accommodate this fact. Don’t expect visitors to turn their phone or tablet around, either. Your site needs to make a good impression in either orientation from the get-go.


Remember that website architecture is quite different from applying the principles of good architectural design to a website. If you want a website that looks classy, then don’t overfill it. Let your visitor feel the space – luxuriate in it, even – so that they’re not rushed. This sense of personal control will work out in the long run, especially if your site has been tweaked from a proven web builder platform so that the technical side, as well as the aesthetics, all work in concert. When designed well for mobile as well as static devices, you’ll find your site retains more visitors and increases its online visibility no end.

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