Gladiator Lacrosse Rebounder Reviews 2024 – Budget Rebounder!

  • If you are kind of budget minded person, kind of looking for a rebounder with good quality at an affordable price then Gladiator Rebounders will be the perfect choice for you.
  • Gladiator is a brand that has been consistently providing a great quality product at a price which a normal citizen can even afford.
  • This is one of the reasons why their product is being loved and even used by professionals.
  • My coach Justin who once used to be a great fan of STX, once used this Gladiator rebounder since then he is using this Gladiator product for all lacrosse related stuff.

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Gladiator Lacrosse Rebounder Reviews 2022

  • We all know that Lacrosse Rebounders are used for training at your Backyard or ground which will increase your skillsets with everyday practice.
  • Though Gladiator was in this field only for a short amount of time, they still manage to give the best products like STX, Brine was giving, Gladiator Lacrosse Rebounder is as good as STX ReboundersBrine Rebounder but lower in cost.
  • But buying out the best one is going to be the real challenge because you are going to spend some serious money for this product, so you will be expecting a perfect product for the price you pay.
  • Gladiator Lacrosse Rebounder is one of the best choices for spending your hard earned money for improving your game.

Gladiator Lacrosse Professional Bounce Pitch Back Rebounder

  • Designed by Casey Powell, This is a perfect rebounder for any players from Beginners to advanced and also suitable for professional players due to the factors.

Outstanding Mat Design

  • The mat of the rebounder is made of Nylon and Cotton with a Surface Area of 4’ Tall and 3’ Wide.
  • Though a small surface area it gives exact bounce back which larger size rebounders give.

Easily Portable

  • Since this rebounder is relatively small, it will be the perfect option for people having a smaller space. Also, it folds flat in no time since the assembly and disassembly are so easy.

Adjustable Steel Pipes

  • The frame of the Rebounder is made with Steel Pipes, which makes the assembly and disassembly easier and can be angled for different skills.
  • Also, it is super weather resistant like EZ Goal Lacrosse rebounders, so no more fear of any weather problems to your rebounder.

Perfect Dampening

The perfect dampened rebound surface make sure that the bounce back is good so that even beginners can be able to easily use the rebounder.

Gladiator Lacrosse Rebounder Gameplay

Watch Gladiator gameplay in action!


This is the part that is worth mentioning about this product because for the price range of 150$ you are getting such a quality rebounder when other brand rebounders are costing so high.


  • Best price in the Market.
  • Easy Assembly.
  • Comes with Assembly manual.
  • Easy storage options.

  • Heavy
  • And not suitable for people who want extra Bounce Back

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So you are buying a rebounder for improving your game, definitely, you might want the best one because you can’t spend money again and again since the cost of rebounders is high.

With choosing of above rebounder, you can buy a quality rebounder and can save some bucks too.

“Always pick the best and Practice like a Beast “

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