Quick Review of Warrior EVO 4X Lacrosse Head – Value for Money

There is a saying if something is not in its place then the whole thing gets spoiled, likewise we can’t imagine a Lacrosse Game without a head or a Stick without the head.

Likewise, every person will have some special features and we can’t compare ourselves to others, but some people have the quality to be the best person in the world. Likewise EVO 4X head has the quality to become as one of the best heads in the world.

Mostly the Lacrosse Head available on the market usually provides a single function like some heads are suitable for only attacking while some only for the only defence, but this Warrior EVO 4X Lacrosse Head is kind of different from other heads since it provides you multiple functions like it can be used players in any positions.

If there is one thing that we always love about the warrior is that they always provide some traditional touch in their product with advanced technology.

This is the core reason why Warrior Brand is so much successful in this field.

Thanks to David Marrow who has found out this organization otherwise we might not have a chance to get this special Lacrosse Head to our Stick.

Warrior EVO 4X Lacrosse Head Review 2019

If you don’t want your new head to disappoint you by breaking out only after few games, then we present our strongest Lacrosse Head in our Catalogue and it is EVO 4X Lacrosse head.

We are saying this because it is designed to be so lightweight even being so stiff and also providing high Durability.

Fine Balanced Scoop

In order to provide great efficiency with the round balls the scoop is rounded and the major plus is that this feature is available with great stiffness too.

Variety of Stringing Options

Since this head comes out with nearly 18 stringing holes, you can easily design out your pocket with any way you want.

All new SymRail Design

This head is actually made out with SymRail Technology which means that interior sidewall mirrors the outer sidewall so this is the reason why you are getting great stiffness even with the light weight.

Great for Ground Balls

Getting Ground Balls Quicker is the most important thing ahead needed, with wide angle, Evo 4x provides you with faster ground balls than you think.

For Whom this Head is Suitable

As said above if you are a beginner this head is suitable for anyone who is looking out for a new head irrespective of their position, but if you are defender you’ll be having a slight advantage compared to other players in the game.


There are two different colours available Royal and Forest Green Colour, Which looks really awesome.


At a price range of 90$, this is better head to look out at this mid range.


  • Made with SymRail Technology.
  • High Stiffness with being so lightweight.


  • Not a suitable head for advanced level players.


Really what is so attractive about this head is not only the quality and features, also the customer support and 6-month warranty which is given out by Warrior Lacrosse makes us feels that this is a good head option for all.


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