Lacrosse Stick Checks – Know about each and every checks

So if you are Lacrosse Player or a person who watches the games, then definitely you might have heard about the Lacrosse Stick Check.

Yes, it is one of the most dangerous and risky things in the game of lacrosse, but if performed correctly then it can bring down the game into your hands.

If these Checks are not performed correctly, there are high chances of getting a penalty and sometimes in rare cases game ban.

What is Lacrosse Stick Checks

Lacrosse Stick Checks are usually and mostly performed by defenders, to get the ball out of the opponent’s sticks and also trouble and prevent the opponents from scoring goals.

There are different specifications for stick legality at different levels from School, High School, International, so know all the rules of your league before performing a stick check.

Always remember one thing with the lacrosse stick check, that you can do anything and any kind of checks but make sure you only hit the sticks of your opponents or else you can see referee running towards you.

For any check, you want to make sure that you’re half a step to full step in front of the player otherwise you’re going to be out of position to throw any type of check.

Types of Stick Checks

In the game of Lacrosse, though there are many varieties of Lacrosse checks being performed, they fall under two categories basic checks and advanced checks.

So Basic Checks are usually known and performed by beginners to pro players.

While to perform Advanced Stick Checks you kind of need good knowledge and practice with it.

Basic Stick Checks

1.Poke Check – So this check is actually to disturb players momentum and make him dislodge the ball. What we have to do is poke the opponent’s hands with the head of your sticks and dislodge the ball. But be aware if you miss it then the opponent can blow it.

2. Slap Check – This is the most effective and widely used check by many of the defensive players. To do this Check concentrate on to slap at opponents gloves and be careful to not make contact with the ball carrier.

3. Lift Check – This check is actually to be performed by your head, so what you have to do is lift the ball carrier’s bottom hand of the opponent using your stick.

4.Wrap Check – This Check is more effective when the opponent is guarding the stick with his Body. So in order to do that you have to come around the opponent and strike with your stick to dislodge the ball.

Advanced Stick Checks

  1. Takeaway Checks – This is a kind of aggressive check and you need to know the proper times and places on the field to throw. It’s all about proper timing and knowing where you are in the field.

And remember don’t do Takeaway Checks in front of the cage, if you do it then you have a high chance of getting beat and they’ll score in front

  1. Two-Handed Wrap Check – It’s, not a check where you can throw constant checks in a row, you have to remember that every time you throw a check you lose a step no matter what check you throw. In this check timing and Footwork are the key.

This check is good against players who cradle a lot, so to do this keep your both hands on the shaft with waist width apart, use the bottom hand as a power hand and top hand as your direction.

If the opponent is going left keep your right leg in front if you miss you’ll have a chance to recover and still be in front of your opponent.

  1. One Hand Wrap Check – This one is similar to two-handed wrap check but here use the bottom hand as power hand to get momentum to the top your head right around the offensive guys body and bring it back right away if you leave it.

So this one is more riskier than two hand check and don’t let your stick hang after the check and use this check sparing because you can get out of position easily.

  1. Over the Head Check – Here in the check first watch the offensive guys cradle and now watch his timing, punch the sky up and over his head and then drag it down and get the ball from his stick.

This check is very effective against players who hang their stick.

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Remember to Punch the sky with bottom hand and rip down but don’t hit his helmet.

  1. Tick Tock Check – So this actually a Fake over the head check and get attackman to pull his stick forward.

The steps are simple, just fake over the opponent guys head and then just come down and then rip a stick down.

  1. Kayak Check – This one is also similar like the above check like fake it over the head check and slide your top hand to the head of your shaft and your bottom hand up and throw your butt end across the opponent’s chest.
  2. Butt Dig Check – This is like the one set up by a poke check so as you’re running with your opponent timing and throw a poke and then dig like you have a shovel and you gonna dig behind him get that butt end and lift up.

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